Exiled former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi says there is nothing wrong in main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa backing his Kenyan counterpart Raila Odinga who has just controversially lost to then vice president William Ruto.

He says ZANU-PF supported Edgar Lungu and his PF party in Zambia who went on to lose the election.

Following Ruto’s controversial win yesterday, ZANU-PF members went on an overdrive mocking Chamisa for backing Odinga who went on to lose.

However, Mzembi says there is nothing amiss in opposition parties backing each other just as ruling parties.

“Zanu PF openly backed Edgar Lungu and PF, which is normal for Ruling Parties to support each other.

“CCC Zimbabwe was supporting Raila Odinga, normal too for Opposition to support each other. William Ruto was on his own after Kenyata supported Odinga,” he says.

The just ended Kenyan elections has triggered debate in Zimbabwe with the ruling party cadres taking it as a sign that opposition in Zimbabwe is going to lose like wise.

Apparently, Zimbabweans are gearing up for their own polls set for next year.