Tinashe Zisengwe

A senior economist yesterday described the workers day holiday as hogwash and gibberish saying there is nothing for Zimbabweans to celebrate on the day considering that most of the populace is unemployed.

The Zanu Pf economist who pleaded for anonymity ironically said instead people should celebrate Vendors day since vending has now become the major source of livelihood for most suffering Zimbabweans.

“No workers day for Zimbabwe, Vendors’ day instead, gone are the days when unions would celebrate on the day discussing their challenges and mapping way forward in harmony,” said the economist.

The euphoria which was usually associated with this day has gone with the yesteryears as Zanu Pf government has only managed to rig elections for the past decades, but failed to rig the economy living its populace in abject poverty.

Speaking with Anorld Shava Midland’s executive Vendor boss he described the day as a mere reminder of how the economy has gone to the dogs.

“I am a vendor not because l failed in life, there are many here (at the vending stalls) who have second upper class degrees in risk and insurance, marketing even accounting instead of applying those concepts we am busy selling tomatoes out of desperation.

“To us workers day it’s a reminder on how the society has been ungrateful to our hard efforts, imagine thousands of dollars we spent on paying tertiary fees, our time yet we are living like peasants,” bemoaned Shava.