Tinashe Zisengwe

A Silobela man learnt the hard way not to sleep with another man’s woman when he was asked to pay for new clothes, blankets and a cow as a way of compensating the hubby.

Brilliant Ncube only came to know of the secret affair between his wife Charity Moyo and Phatisa Dube following a tip off by one of the villagers.

Without making any suspicious moves towards the wife Ncube left home as usual like he was going to Zvishavane where he works and came back later that night to find Dube and Moyo fast asleep in his bed and confronted him on what he was doing in bed with his wife which resulted in a fist fight which saw Dube losing front teeth.

One of the village committee members Innocent Seka said the matter was brought before village head Nkunzi where Dube was given the opportunity to say what he wanted and made the shocking demand.

“The matter was brought to village head Nkunzi who had asked Dube to pay a cow but Ncube refused the ruling claiming that a cow was not compensation enough. On top of the cow he wanted new clothes and a new bed.”

“He said that a cow was not enough compensation as he has lost a teeth and wife because of him,” said Seka

When reached for a comment Ncube agreed to have made those demands and claims that he deserved to be compensated and said that he has packed his old bed and clothes  and left them at his place.

“How can I sleep on that bed knowing that’s where my wife was doing it with her boyfriend? Probably he would wear my clothes in my absence that’s why I asked for new clothes.In fact I was lenient on him I didn’t take the matter to the police for removing my teeth.”

“I have already packed everything and left them at his place and I am waiting for him to bring my new stuff by end of week as promised,” said Ncube

Dube confirmed paying the cow before dropping the call

“Everything is in order I paid a cow  for the misunderstanding that we had and I am making arrangements to buy the bed,” said Dube

Moyo could not be reached for a comment.