Former Democractic Alliance president Mmusi Maimane has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration of causing discord in the opposition camp in Zimbabwe.

He says this is being done in an attempt to paint a picture and impression that there is implosion in his main contender Nelson Chamisa’s camp.

This comes just minutes after senior ruling party official Victor Matemadanda has made sentiments that ZANU-PF has nothing to do with what is happening in the opposition camp.

Matemadanda urged the opposition not to drag his party’s name in their own failures and problems.

He claims that the opposition is a confused lot.

But Maimane says Mnangagwa is behind all the confusion in the opposition using his state agents.

He says, this is exactly how dictators work.

Maimane says Mnangagwa is afraid to square off with Chamisa and is therefore trying to cause disarray in his camp.

“There is no implosion of MDCA there is a ruling party that is playing dirty by using organs of the state and shady actors to clear the terrain of competitors.

“This is how dictatorships maintain a semblance of legitimacy, they cheat before the election,” he says.