In a shocking and callous act, Ngundu nurse Ngonidzashe Mugabe has been sentenced to 18 years in prison by High Court Judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze for the murder of his girlfriend’s baby during delivery.

The tragic incident unfolded when Mugabe, in a bid to shirk responsibilities, lured his girlfriend, Diana Rose Mudzingwa, to give birth at Ngundu Clinic where he worked. Instead of providing proper medical care, Mugabe took Mudzingwa to a rented place, where he played the role of a midwife.

Witnessing her partner’s horrifying actions, Mudzingwa was left stunned as Mugabe strangled the newborn and then drowned it in a bucket, before disposing of the body in a pit latrine. Mugabe callously proceeded to inject Mudzingwa to stop her bleeding and resumed his duties at the clinic as if nothing had happened.

Despite Mugabe’s denial and attempts to shift blame, Justice Mawadze found overwhelming evidence against him, relying on Mudzingwa’s testimony and circumstantial evidence to deliver the verdict. Mugabe’s actions, including his refusal to alert authorities or seek medical assistance for the deceased infant, further solidified the case against him.

Justice Mawadze emphasized Mugabe’s betrayal of his professional duties as a nurse and the gravity of his actions, condemning his deceitful behavior and disregard for human life. Mugabe’s claims of confusion and fear of repercussions were dismissed, as his calculated actions demonstrated a clear understanding of the consequences of his actions.

The judge highlighted Mugabe’s failure to uphold ethical standards and fulfill his obligations as a healthcare provider, underscoring the importance of seeking justice and accountability in such tragic circumstances.

Ultimately, Mugabe’s sentencing serves as a reminder of the need for integrity, compassion, and respect for human life within the medical profession, as well as the severity of consequences for those who betray these principles.