Tinashe Zisengwe

A Gokwe family under Chief Njelele’s area recently left villagers dumb founded after they buried their son at a relative’s doorsteps whom they suspect to have killed their son for reporting a cellphone theft to the police.

The strange event which is reported to have been sparked by a cellphone dispute occurred sometime last month when Elson Mapfumo buried his son at his elder brother’s place, Mafios Mapfumo, whom he suspects to have bewitched his child for alleging that Mafios’s son had stolen a cellphone.

Elson’s son is reported to have suffered a severe stroke resulting in sudden death a few days after he reported his cousin to the police for stealing a cellphone, a move which did not go well with Mafios who decided to bewitch him.

This publication is reliably informed that a few hours before Elson son’s burial, blood started dripping out of the corpse’s nose.

Mafias is reported to have deserted his place of residence following strange happenings that were now occurring.

A neighbour who pleaded for anonymity, said, “Mafios wenge owona chitunha muzuva ose chichingoti ndoda phone yangu bedzi. Nekutya wakabva watiza musha.”

The cellphone which has since been recovered is reported to have been talking and causing spiritual havoc to the thief as it was demanding to be returned to the owner.

In fear the thieves surrendered the cellphone to the police who also refused to take it in fear of the mysterious happenings thereby referring the man to Chief Njelele.

Chief Njelele has since confirmed the incident, saying the matter is waiting for trial at his court.