A one-year-old girl allegedly drowned in a bucket full of water after she was left in her brother’s care.

Nokutenda Shumba drowned in a 20 litre bucket which was full of water in Mkoba 13 Gweru on April 14.

Midlands Acting spokesperson inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the sudden death.

“I can confirm that a sudden death incident occurred in Mkoba 13, Gweru on April 14 at around 10 AM. The now deceased drowned in a 20 liter bucket full of water, “she said.

Insp Mukwende said that the bucket was in the lounge and the baby’s head was found in the bucket when she drowned.

“The deceased’s mother Rudo Kamajera (38) had her two children play outside while she went and to take a bath,” said Insp Mukwende.

“The children proceeded into the lounge and when the mother had finished bathing, she asked Pride Shumba the deceased’s brother about Nokutenda’s whereabouts. “Pride told his mother that he did not know where she was.

The now deceased had already crawled and went to where a bucket full of water was and in an attempt to play with the water she had her head inside the water and she drowned.

 “The mother then came looking for the child and she found her head in the bucket,” said Insp Ethel Mukwende.
The mother retrieved her from the bucket and rushed her to Mkoba Poly Clinic where she was declared dead on arrival.