Latest Zimbabwe News Today ..Images of Zanu PF Youth Demo-March for Mugabe..Against This Flag in Harare.

Thousands of jobless Zanu PF youths were bused by the broke Zim government to stage counter protests against flag carrying Zimbabweans who have been calling  for accountability and transparency in the country.

Here are some photos from Harare showing Zanu PF supporters running around the city praising Mugabe for  ‘creating jobs and prosperity’.

A Harare based army private who spoke to our reporters on condition that his name is not revealed expressed shock at the manner in which the country’s leadership is prioritizing politics ahead of bread and butter issues.

“The worrying question here is where is our government getting money to spend on useless protests when there is nothing to pay civil servants, I have no idea where I will get rent money for this month,” said a Harare based soldier who observed the demonstrations from a local garage where his car was getting repaired.

MARCH by zanu

Zanu no longer use Zim Flags at demos..

MARCH by mugabe zanu supporters

No flags, Zanu PF  does not associate with the national colours!

zanu protests march

zanu pf march