Itai Dzamara has resurfaced carrying out lone protests against President Robert Mugabe’s regime. Grievance Sipikita a Harare resident on Tuesday 13 June 2017 caught Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers unawares at the Itai Dzamara Square/Africa Unity Square and staged a one-man demonstration calling on Mugabe to act quickly on the country’s agonising economic crisis or step down from power.

Meanwhile, former husband to Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe, Mr Stanley Goreraza has expressed gratitude to Sipikita for taking a brave stance against Mugabe regime.

Writing to his readers Goreraza had lots of admiration for the protestor;

“Ladies and gentleman we have another Itai Dzamara. Imagine my surprise !! There is hope after all. This very brave man puts me to shame,” said Goreraza.