THE much-awaited resumption of Premier Soccer League action scheduled for next month is set to kick off with a Cup Competition instead of a league format.

Domestic football action is scheduled to return in the first week of next month after the Premier Soccer league’s proposal was approved by the Zimbabwe Football Association – ZIFA.

The PSL is satisfied with the work that has been done so far with most clubs working on the administrative side of the game to ensure the success of the scheduled season opening cup competition.

PSL chief executive officer, Kenny Ndebele explains how the competition will run.

“Everyone is talking about a league, we are not running a league it’s a cup competition and we are happy with progress so far and we are going to be working with clubs to understand their financial positions and see how best they can meet their obligations because we understand the strain that they have endured because of covid,” he said.

He also clarified the issue of continental representatives.

“Continental competition is not compulsory for every nation and we also have an example from last season where a representative was chosen, so after the competition we will consult with the FA (ZIFA) on the way forward,” he said.

Once the cup competition is over the Premier Soccer league will look into modalities of running a league.

Meanwhile, the PSL is still working flat out to secure sponsorship for the cup competition.

Meanwhile, the government through the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) recently gave the green light for the resumption of high risk sports including soccer.

The SRC ordered the teams and associations running soprts to make sure that they adhere to health measures put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus.

World Health Organisation protocols are to be religiously followed and those found wanting risk having a heavy penalty imposed against them.

-ZBC/ Zwnews