Lloyd Makunde, the coach of the Zimbabwe netball team known as the Gems was surprisingly fired from his post on Wednesday.

Makunde who led the Gems to their debut World Cup tournament this year where they displayed a superb performance that saw them rising the World Netball rankings was relieved of his duties ahead of the Africa Netball Championship set for South Africa tomorrow.

He shall be replaced by his assistant, Ropafadzo Mutsauki, who said task ahead was tough without Makunde.

Mutsauki, however, is consoled by the fact that most of the team members have been in the team for a long period of time now.

She said:

Firstly it’s hard to be alone on the dugout. It’ easier when you are two or three so as to help each other.

This tournament that we are going we have limited time to prepare. Fortunately most of the plyers have been in the team for quite a long time.

Makunde could have been fired for comments he made to the media concerning the Vitality World Cup money he is owed money by the country.

The Gems themselves finally got their allowances after noise from the media and the intervention of Sports Minister, Kirsty Coventry.