A ruling Zanu PF party official has set the wrong tone for Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections after he told party members at a meeting that President of the opposition CCC party, Nelson Chamisa, must be killed. In the video below shared online by Hopewell Chin’ono, another person can be heard saying Chamisa’s children must be killed as well.

Chin’ono posted the message below:

A Zimbabwean ruling party official has called for the KILLING of @nelsonchamisa

& his supporters at a ruling party gathering. One of the ruling ZANUPF party supporters at the gathering went further & called for the killing of

@nelsonchamisa’s kids Zimbabwe has elections in 2023

Kana tikati pasi naMuzorewa tiri kuti Muzorewa ngaavurawe. Tikati pasi nemuroyi tiri kuti muroyi ngaavurawe. Tikati pasi naChamisa tiri kuti Chamisa ngaavurawe.

Pasi pasi neCCC, neZvingasungata zvake.

The phrase down with Muzorewa, mean Muzorewa must die. If we say down with witches we’re saying witches must die. If we say down with Chamisa and his supporters we are saying he and his followers must be killed