Charles Mabhena

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) co-vice President Nelson Chamisa has warned President Robert Mugabe to be a leader who fears God, have a soft spot for fellow human beings, and stop the intentionally hitting of the player from the opposing team in order maintain possession of the ball.

Officiating at the burial of MDC veteran, founding member and former provincial deputy chairperson in Midlands South, Smart Ngwegwe on 3 October 2016 in Chiundura area under chief Gambiza, Chamisa said the country is facing problems from social, economic, and political because selfish leaders like Mugabe who do not fear God. He called for political tolerance and said having different political opinions shouldn’t render people sworn enemies to the extent of fighting or wishing each other dead.

Upon noticing a ZANU PF official among the mourners while welcoming the gathering Chamisa said; “Ndaona vakuru ve ZANU PF pano tinokugamuchirai” (I acknowledge the presence of a top ZANU PF official among us here, you are welcome). This shows political maturity, he said, seeing ZANU PF and MDC side by side, seeing Dynamos and Caps United side by side. This team’s fans saying our team is a good ball player and that other team’s supporters also saying ours is the best ball player. “Chinorohwa ngarive bhora kwete munhu. (What should be played is the ball and not the player),” said Chamisa amid ululation from the gathering.

He said violence should be left for animals and not human beings who were created in the image of God. He also took a swipe on Mugabe saying what ZANU PF is doing in food distribution is what is angering God and resulting in the Lord holding back the rains, as punishment.

“It is bad that us as MPs we run around asking for help from other countries and well wishers, and when the donation has been received it is given out on party lines this is unacceptable.

“They let us go out there searching for donations and once we got it, they come forward taking over the distribution of the food they never went out to look for. They find pleasure in distributing the food they never sourced,” says Chamisa.

In conclusion Chamisa said Mugabe and his party should know that there is God and have respect for others through equitable distribution of resources. “A good leader is not the one who presides over women who have pots and spoons but without mealie meal nor is he the one who presides over violence,” said Chamisa.