Jonathan Moyo, Zimbabwe minister of higher education is wanted over 9 cases of fraud according to a statement by opposition politician,  Jealousy Mawarire of  Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF)

The ZimPF spokesperson wrote on his twitter account that Moyo has a lot of pending fraud cases that have been under investigation for a while.

Moyo who recently announced that he is reburying the remains of his father killed by Mugabe’s death squads during Gukurahundi, did not attend the official opening of Parliament today.

Speaking about the fraud issue, Mawarire had this to say;

“Hearing Prof Moyo was allegedly summoned to (Z)ACC offices yesterday but didn’t show up. (Z)ACC visited his ministry offices, (couldn’t) find him,” alleged Mawarire.

He implied that ZACC had received information about the unspecified fraud from whistleblowers.

Moyo hit back at Mawarire, but did not deny the claim that ZACC were looking for him.

Instead, he implied that ZACC commissioners were victimising him and abusing their positions.

 “Factionalists, secessionists (and) tribalists reckon they can get away with corrupting (and) abusing institutions (and) due processes,” wrote Moyo.
Meanwhile, Moyo has explained why he did not attend Muagbe’s parliament business today.
Via his twitter account, Moyo told his followers that he has been unwell.
“Sad to be missing today’s official opening of Parliament by President Mugabe. Woke up with a heavy bout of flu that is now getting worse,” Moyo said.