Blood & Water star Natasha Thahane recently got candid about her cooking abilities with fans on the TL.

Taking to Twitter, the actress gushed about the joys of living alone. However, she mentioned that one of her gripes with solitary living was, preparing meals for herself.

The star said she despises spending all that time in the kitchen just to prepare a meal for herself.

“I love living alone yet I despise having to cook for one individual. I need y’all to taste my food,” tweeted Natasha.

Fans were down for Chef Natasha to cook them a 5-course meal!

And many believed in the power of her skills in the kitchen. People are definitely waiting for a dinner party invitation from this star!

Here are some of the reactions from fans:

It seems like our faves have been ready to put themselves on the chopping block when it comes to their cooking skills.

Musician and entrepreneur DJ Zinhle recently called herself out for being pots and pans averse.

The star took to Twitter to roast her own cooking abilities. This was after her bestie Pearl Thusi announced that she had a surprise lined up for her birthday, and Zinhle already knew what she didn’t want from her girlfriend.

“It better not be cooking lessons,” said DJ Zinhle, with the monkey covering eyes emoji.

Actress Linda Mtoba opened up recently about not being a fan of cooking.

Taking to Twitter, the former Isibaya actress went on a mini-rant about how other women judge her for not being “domesticated”. The star reminded her fans that women should be respected for whatever paths they choose in life.

“We all have different lifestyle choices. I prefer to cook when I feel like it. It’s not a chore I need to do every day. I don’t have to prove my worth through domestication. Even if I hated it and didn’t want to do it’s my choice to make,” wrote Linda.