Who are they: 280 Zimbabwean business tycoons have been named in a list of names for businesses, companies and people who his money in secret Panama offshore investment accounts.

Some of the named people even externalised money from Zimbabwe which is a punishable offense.

However there are others who inherited these moneys from their families and this is not a criminal offense before Zimbabwe laws.

The leaked list include  Innscor Africa directors Zinona (Zed) Koudounaris and Michael Fowler, John Legat, Kingstone Munyawarara and former Cottco chief executive Happymore Mapara.

Business tycoon and prominent property mogul Ken Sharpe is also listed in the Panama Papers’ leaked data files, while Zimplats chief executive Alex Mhembere is also part of the list.

The list also features sports personality, rally driver Conrad Rautenbach.

Please note that the above people are not being classified as criminals  as it is not an offence or illegal to have an offshore company or bank account.

This only comes in when the facility is used for tax evasion and externalisation of currency.

What really puzzles many is the righteousness of Zanu PF politicians and tycoons including people like Emmerson Mnangagwa, Philip Chiyangwa, Gideon Gono, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Grace and Robert Mugabe whose names are  not mentioned at all.

The likes of Didymus Mutasa and Joice Mujuru also amassed millions during their stay in government.

Maybe ‘Asian Papers’ in third party names could hold the secret.