Former Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi has mocked Passion Java for failing to fill the National Sports Stadium during his night of wonders church service.

Mzembi warned President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa against associating with doggy characters saying it can ruin his image.

“Night of Wonders turned into a Night of Shame & childish theatrics by a close associate of the President, one ” Prophet Java “!

This season of mediocrity & charlatans must come to an end. Its a gross misrepresentation of who we are as Zimbabweans.

The President Mnangagwa should revise some of his associations, they bring him and his office into disrepute,” said Mzembi.

Apparently, the ruling party ZANU PF has been urging its members to attend Java’s service.

However, the service was only attended by a handful of people.