President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has disclosed that his wife is too talkative at home.

Addressing thousands of supporters in Centenary Mashonaland Central over the weekend, Mnangagwa said his wife talks too much at home while he is silent.

“Regai ndipedze kutaura mungazoti mukwasha wedu anotaurisa.

“Mungazoti zvino mwana wedu anopona here kumba ikoko.

“Iye ndiye anotaurisa ini ndakanyarara zvekuti eke,” said Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, he said Zimbabweans were naturally a peace-loving people, who will put to shame those who are anticipating violence as the country prepares for the August 23 polls.

“We now have more than 70 election observers in the country; they think that we will have violence during our election.

“We, the people of Great Zimbabwe, the children of Munhumutapa, are a peaceful people who are against violence,” he said.

“We want peace, we promote peace, and the people of Zimbabwe are humble and loving.

“So, those countries that wish us to be violent, we will shame you; we will never promote violence in Zimbabwe.”

He warned those who might entertain plans to instigate electoral violence that the law will catch up with them.

“We won’t tolerate mischief from all those who are bent on causing violence.

“If they are being given money from other countries, they should use that money in a peaceful manner.

“Once you start using that money to cause violence, we will lock you up.

“The long arm of the law will take its course against all those who promote violence; we want peace.

“We are a humble and peace-loving people,” he added.