Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said ‘his door remains open’ for dialogue with the people of Matabeleland and the generality of the populace from the troubled southern African country.
Mnangagwa made the remarks after a meeting with civil society organisations at State House in Bulawayo Friday afternoon. The meeting was held as part of the septuagenarian’s engagement drive to strengthen dialogue between the Harare administration and the civil society.
” Bulawayo today I met local civil society organisations as part of an ongoing process of dialogue. We will continue to talk (and) listen, and to deal with our differences with sensitivity, compassion (and) respect. To the people of Matabeleland (and) all Zimbabweans, my door remains open” said the Zimbabwean strongman in comments posted on his official Twitter account.
But, most internet users apparently showed no acknowledgement to the Zanu PF First Secretary’s pronunciations, with some saying he must apologize for branding the people of Matabeleland ‘cocroaches’ during the 80s ethnic attrocities infamously known as Gukurahundi.

“On 4 April 1983, you said people in Matabeleland who did not follow the government path will have their lives on earth shortened; you called them “cockroaches” that needed “DDT”; and described them as “dissident infrastructure” that must be destroyed! Hope you apologised”, remarked an internet user.
“President we are not impressed by the beatings of the people by your police. They are inhumane. APARTHEID police used to do the same to us. It is babaric” added another.