Temba Mliswa has said he only dates women who are over 40 years of age. This comes after a young lady in her 20s reported that she was falsely linked to the Norton MP by Mliswa’s self confessed ex-girlfriend Susan Mutami who is 32 years old.

Speaking at a press conference held at his house on Thursday, Mliswa said his daughter was 30 years old and dating a woman within her age range would not go well with him.

“It will be like I am falling in love with my daughter,” the Member of Parliament said while dismissing reports that circulated on social media that he was dating a 24-year-old lady.

“My choices range from women at the age of 40 and above.


“I am single and searching for a better wife but I will never date someone within the range of my daughter’s age,” said Mliswa.

He said he has 18 children, 13 girls and five boys, but did not disclose the number of mothers of the said children.


Mliswa claimed that four of the 18 children were not of his blood saying he has since informed their mothers although they are among those benefiting from his wealth.

“For one to say I dated a 24-year-old lady without verifying facts or seeking a comment from either myself or the lady showed bad journalism.

“Junior Parliamentarians take me as one of their role models and when they read misinformed reports it affects them psychologically because pen on paper is mightier than the sword.”

He dismissed reports that he was a homosexual saying the man being implicated in that unholy marriage is related to him through their totems.


“It is unfortunate that the person alleged to be in a relationship with me is in fact my relative and I am not homosexual,” said Mliswa.

“I cannot judge those who do that considering that some of these things are biological,” he said.

Mliswa’s alleged love affairs have been trending on social media for the past week.

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