In a desperate attempt to sanitise her obsession with the interdicted chrystal meth, otherwise known in street lingo as ‘mutoriro’, a 27-year old woman from Mwenezi has told a magistrate that she uses the drug for dieting purposes.

Appearing before Mwenezi resident magistrate Honesty Musiiwa, the accused Virginia Tonhodzai of Binha Complex in Rutenga said the major reason why she habitually uses chrystal meth was because the psychostimulant drug helps her to lose weight.

Tonhodzai, who was ordered to perform 410 hours of community service after she was arrested for possessing 10 satchets of the banned drug, said someone advised her to use the banned chrystal meth as ‘smiling remedy’ and also for dieting reasons.

Representing the state, Lighton Katsidzira said Tonhodzai was arrested on October 27, 2020 by CID Mwenezi detectives at around 3pm after they got a tipoff that she was dealing in crystal meth.

Working on the tip-off, plaincloth detectives descended on Tonhodzai’s residence where they discovered the ten chrystal meth satchets stashed under her bed. In the streets of Zimbabwe, a satchet fetches at least US$5.

Said the addict:

“Someone advised me crystal meth as a smiling remedy and it has worked for me. I do not sell drugs but use them for dieting”.

Chrystal meth or more precisely Methamphetamin is a highly addictive psychostimulant drug that is a derivative of amphetamine.

It can produce euphoria and stimulant effects like those from other stimulants such as cocaine.

additional reporting: Zwnews