THE exploration of oil and gas in Muzarabani Basin is progressing well, with the actual drilling of wells expected to start in July.

The Invictus Energy Oil and Gas Project is on course with the construction of a well-pad for the Mukuyu One Oil Well underway ahead of the arrival of a rig from Tanzania.

Invictus Energy Managing Director, Scot McMillan told ZBC News that results of the seismic survey are encouraging adding that Muzarabani Basin will be a hive of activity come July.

“The final results of the 2021 Cabora basin seismic survey have been released and have indicated a well at shallow level which increase prospects for gas and oil finds. We are going to drill the well up to 3500meters and afterwards another second well-pad will be prepared to pave way for drilling the second well,” said McMillan.

Mr McMillan also revealed they will be granted a cultural licence after conducting a traditional ceremony as requested by the local leadership.

“We are set to conduct a massive traditional ceremony to comply with the cultural dictates of the area as requested by the Chiefs of the area under which we are operating. This will be preceded by the actual drilling in July,” he said.

The Muzarabani Oil and Gas Project is progressing at an unprecedented pace, with exploratory drilling taking place less than four years after the announcement of the project, a process which takes nearly a decade for other projects.