A top South African actress, Mona Monyane, has revealed that she was born in Zimbabwe while venting anger at ‘toxic’ South Africans who have a tendency of discriminating against foreigners who living and working in that country.

Despite both her parents being South African citizens, including herself, the popular actress who played the role of Dr Nthabeleng in SABC soapie Muvhango, said she has also been on the the receiving end of the xenophobic tendencies of South African nationals, esspecially against Zimbabweans.

Monyane took to social media to express her disappointment over the abuse and inhumane treatment meted out on Zimbabweans who left their struggling country for better economic opportunities south of the Limpopo.

Born on May 16 1990 when her activist parents were exiled to Zimbabwe during apartheid, Monyane said she was at one time labelled ‘lekwerekwere’- a derogatory reference to ‘unwanted’ SA-based Zimbabweans.

“I was born in Zimbabwe because my parents were activists and they were exiled,” Monyane revealed.

“When kids at school found out, they legit called me ‘lekwerekwere’, made fun of my skin tone and the way I spoke English well. Getting my smart card ID was also a mission, had to wait two years,” she said.

Monyane expressed displeasure over how she was being treated as a foreigner in her own motherland, simply because she was born in a neighboring country.

“Because I am a naturalised citizen (both parents South African), but not being here makes me a foreigner. South Africans carry a lot of toxicity, hatred and judgement. I am not ashamed of who I am. My parents fought for our freedom. I carry my identity with great pride,” Monyane said.

Pre-Covid19 statistics indicated that South Africa is home to millions of Zimbabweans who skipped the country in search of greener pastures.

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