Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says John Mushayavanhu is not fit to be governor of the Reserve Bank Zimbabwe.

He says in principle, a principal who blames a consultant or an advisor – or who discloses the identity of a consultant or an advisor – to escape responsibility or to justify or defend his own decision or policy – is simply not up to the task and is therefore not fit for purpose.

Posting on his X handle, Moyo said consultants or advisors are professional or technical analysts or experts; they’re not decision makers, and so, they do the analysis and recommend options, each with its pros and cons or its costs and benefits.

“It’s the principals who weigh the options and bite the bullet by making a decision to commit to a particular option by having it implemented.

“As such, principals, meaning decision makers, must always take full responsibility for their decisions by standing or falling with them,” he said.

Mushayavanhu recently told a business executives meeting that the government did not know much about structured currency.

He said those who would want to blame him over ZiG weaknesses should instead train their guns at the World Bank which ‘sold’ them the idea.