A HARARE dealer, Munyaradzi Chauraya, has torched a storm after he allegedly asked his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter to touch his manhood.

However, the dealer insists his manhood had something unique and was thus different from the one on the video, and will challenge any claim that it is his manhood.

The video has since leaked on various social media platforms.

Munyaradzi who is not stranger to controversy is accused of being the man in the video, whose face is not visible, and is seen letting the innocent child touch his manhood.

According to the child’s father, Tawanda, a medical affidavit was not obtained.

In an interview, Tawanda said:

“I saw the video of the child being abused, mai vemwana sent me the video.

“I reported the case against Munyaradzi.

“The mother received the video on May 17, from Munyaradzi, and she didn’t alert us about the abuse.

“The video came out after they had an altercation, in which she exposed him by sending the video to me.

“I received the video on Saturday and I immediately reported the matter and, on the day in question, nothing was done,” he said.

“He was not arrested immediately and I went to the police and only to be called on Monday when he brought his lawyer.

“We had our statements before we proceeded to court.

The State is expected to also charge, Natalie Taruvinga, who is the minor’s mother, for allegedly being an accomplice.

The State confiscated Chauraya’s and Natalie’s mobile phones, as exhibits.

However, Chauraya has a different story to tell. He says the manhood in the video is not his.

“I have some tattoos on my thighs, but that’s not my defence.  I have a wart on my manhood and that’s my defence,” he said.