Lovemore Lubinda

Political commentators and opposition leaders have predicted that Joyce Mujuru expulsion of high ranking members from her party may lead to its destruction.

They say the move has weakened the party in its bid to become a full-fledged opposition to challenge Mugabe in 2018 elections.

An academic and social commentator Teddy Mungwari said Mujuru has been seen as an emerging threat together with MDC-T, and that the ruling ZANU-Pf government is happy to see it go down as it cannot allow a strong coalition of the two parties to thrive.

This is could be the work of infiltrators from the ruling party ZANU-Pf to destabilise the opposition party after the ruling party has realized that its chances in the 2018 elections are slim, and has no election message to give to the election fade-up Zimbabweans who are mired by the general economic decay and rampant corruption

“The ruling party is afraid of a strong opposition that will pose a challenge to it,”  said Mungwari who  is Coordinator in the Centre for Language & Communication Studies,  Chinhoyi University of Technology and Chairperson in the Department of Film and Theatre Arts Studies,  Midlands State University, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe first leader Maxwell Shumba described the move as big cover up by the Mugabe regime, “Mujuru structures were formed by CIO for later destruction.”

He says departing members from Mujuru’s ZimPF allege that the party structures were put up by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO),

These comments come out after the dismissal of seven members of ZimPF; Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Margaret Dongo, Kudakwashe Basikiti, Luckson Kandemiri, Munacho Mutezo and Cloudious Makova.

“We are aware of the desperate efforts by Zanu-Pf regime to ensure that Zimbabwe People First fails on its mandate to be the next government. Without equivocation, it is on public record that Mugabe has boasted that there shall be ZimPF one, two and so on,”

“As a result we have decided to eject some members of the colleagues and comrades we thought would stand with the people’s cause but have chosen to be agents of the regime. All sorts of tricks, ranging from coup d’état and sophisticated infiltration have taken center stage with a view to delaying the People’s cause of unequivocal liberation,”

“We are assure Zimbabweans that more heads are going to roll in this revolutionary cleansing exercise,”

“We remain committed to the democratization of Zimbabwe. We remain committed to a coalition of progressive opposition forces to fight and remove Zanu-PF from office,” Reads a press statement signed by the ZimPF leader Mujuru.

The statement comes barely hours after the fired elders have indicated that they were going to dismiss the interim Mujuru on allegations of not leading the party well.

Interim chairperson of Harare Province Munyaradzi Right Banda said the province has already thrown its support to the expulsion of the elders.

Recently the ZimF leader said there was mass exodus of officials and supporters from the former vice-president and ZANU-PF co-vice-president Mujuru a good indication that people have come to realize she is not genuine in addressing people’s concerns and aspirations.