Two BIG mountains have disintegrated in Matebeleland South at Gumela area of Matobo this past Monday and in Filabusi last week.

The two separate events have been attributed to heavy rains.

Mrs Simangali Maphenduka of Safari Paradise Farm  in Matobo said part of a mountain in her farm came down in a frightening experience at around 6AM.

She said the incident sent birds and livestock scurrying for cover.

“It was shocking. I was doing my morning prayers before I heard three loud noises coming from the mountain. I was perplexed. Shortly I saw part of the mountain coming down destroying nearby trees,” said Mrs Maphenduka.

She said at first she and other villagers thought it was something exploding.

“We are all shocked about the incident. This can only be God communicating with us,” said Mrs Maphenduka.


Last week, another gid landslide occurred in Filabusi.