The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation is breaking new ground after coming up with the country’s first Television car show which will also be available on digital platforms.

The first of its kind in Zimbabwe, the car show, Mugaris, is set to premiere on ZBC TV and the national broadcaster’s Facebook and YouTube platforms.

The Producer of the programme, Ian Vambe says the initiative will give potential buyers and car enthusiasts all the information they need to know about cars.

“This show serves as the car information hub for Zimbabweans. It reviews different cars and examines how suitable they are for our environment.”

With most people not sure of what to change and how to handle their imported cars, Mugaris provides this information.

“The number of people importing cars continues to increase but it appears not so many of them know how to properly handle these cars-this show provides detailed information of how they can go about it.”

Mugaris is a show that reviews different kinds of cars, from low budget to high-end vehicles, the small and the big ones.

The show seeks to bridge the information gap, as it zeros in on cars that are suitable for the Zimbabwean terrain.

If you are looking to buy a car this is the show to watch.