Prophet  Magaya, Kasukuwere, Mugabe row in Zim land corruption

After Zimnews investigative journalist, Charles Mabhena, exposed Minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s land for votes scam in Harare early this week, it came as no surprise when the Zanu PF young turkey was pulled over and publicly humiliated by Mugabe over the same issue.

Kasukuwere is making millions in dollars selling land earmarked for youths housing to Prophet Walter Magaya and Zanu PF political bigwigs.

The G40 faction leader who had previously been touted as a possible replacement of Mugabe might be on his way out of the the race after this paper reported last month that the post Mugabe presidency line up is now, ED Mnangagwa as head, followed by Gen CG Chiwenga and First Lady Dr G Mugabe as the second vice president in what many believe to be a compromise designed to heal factional wars tearing the revolutionary party apart.

As if to show the world and rival Team Lacoste faction that he is no longer in support of corrupt  G40 leadership, Mugabe hesitated and almost refused to give Kasukuwere a handshake when the later extended his hand to greet the 92 year old leader.

He went on to tell him of his disappointment over the sale of state lands to prophet Walter Magaya;

“Ko nyaya yevakomana yemastands iri kufamba sei?” the President asked before the start of the Politburo meeting.

“Ndakanzwa kuti mastands makatengesa, makatengesera ananaMagaya.”

Minister Kasukuwere responded: “No shefu. Vakanga vashaya zvekunyora. There is nothing like that. I am the responsible Minister and hakuna zvakadaro zvakaitika.”

Not convinced, President Mugabe retorted: “No, No, ndiri kunzwa kuti land yakatengeserwa ananaMagaya. Makatengesa, makatengesa!”