Latest Zimbabwe News: High Court Defies Mugabe, Supports Harare Protests

Priscilla Chigumba, a Harare High Court Judge has been hailed people’s hero after she spat in Mugabe’s face by declaring his state of emergency unconstitutional and unnecessary in a democracy.

Her historic judgement comes just three days after Mugabe was recorded ranting at judges whom he accused of unleashing riotous youths into the streets of Harare.

A Harare High Court has today suspended the ban on all public demonstrations in Harare imposed by the police under a legal instrument published last week.

The ruling by Justice Priscilla Chigumba follows a legal challenge launched by Zimbabwe’s opposition parties, Tajamuka movement and Harare vendors led by Stan Zvorwadza.
 Last week, Government banned demonstrations in Harare under Statutory Instrument 101A. Public Order and Security (Temporary Prohibition of Public Demonstrations in the Central Business District of the Harare Central Police District) Order, 2016.
During last month’s deadly riots, some streets and sections of Harare were literally liberated as they fell to opposition forces for more than 4 hours as local police were outnumbered and overwhelmed by demonstrators.