Mr Robert Mugabe’s youngest son Bellarmine Chatunga is set to lose property after failing to pay rentals for his Chitungwiza butchery.

The court has ordered Chatunga’s property to be attached and auctioned after he failed to settle rental arrears amounting to $12 000.

The order was given after the premise owners, Bubbletech Pvt Ltd dragged Chatunga to court over a breach of contract in which they had agreed that he would pay $400 a month in rentals as well as the water and rates charges.

“In breach of the parties’ agreement the defendant (Chatunga) has failed to pay for monthly rentals and is currently in arrears of $7 875” the court was told.

Chatunga is also said to have failed to settle the water and rates bills amounting to $600 and also damaged Bubbletech’spremises.

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