Former Zimbabwe leader Mr Robert Mugabe limped home to the humiliation of being consigned to watching his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s reception party wait to receive him complete with a spread out red-carpet.

Mugabe, according to eye witnesses, quietly slipped out of the country’s biggest airport named after him only last year, weeks before he was forced out of power following a military intervention. The former Zanu-PF leader arrived around 7:45am just about an hour before Mnangagwa landed to an executive welcome that Mugabe monopolised for the greater part of four unbroken decades.

“It was sad to watch him arrive silently accompanied by his wife (former First Lady Grace). Preparations were already underway to receive the President (Mnangagwa). He (Mugabe) was consigned to the periphery of the runway and made his way out without a word.

“He just watched as security details and other officials ran around preparing for HE (Mnangagwa)’s arrival,” an eyewitness said. “His travelling party was made up of about 20 people including his security.” news day