Harare: Former G40 kingpin and government minister Savior Kasukuwere’s fallout with law enforcement agents continued to unfold with police detectives raiding his Harare mansion yesterday for reasons yet to be known.

Kasukuwere, who is in South Africa, confirmed the raid which he said involved five officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

“Yes, they were at my house. There were five officers from the CID who arrived at around 5am. They did not have a search warrant and were told I was not home. They went away only to return three hours later this time demanding to be allowed onto the property,” he said.

“They forced their way in. I was indeed not at home because I am outside the country. I was called so I talked to them and advised them to talk to my lawyer (Jonathan Samukange).”

Samukange said he was not aware of the nature of the police raid. news day