News Update on Zimbabwe Civil Servants Bonuses, Salary Cuts

Patrick Chinamasa, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance is an angry man after ‘his bad news’ for Zimbabwe civil servants was dismissed as ‘wishful thing’ by the country’s cabinet yesterday.

Chinamasa who believes that the country’s bloated budget for government workers is unsustainable had warned that there will be cuts on bonuses and salaries in years to come.

This was however rejected by workers unions who went on to declare war on Mugabe’s government.

Minister Chris Mushowe was then asked by Mugabe to make it clear that the government was not prepared for any confrontation with workers on the matter;

“After extensive deliberations, cost-cutting measures relating to the civil service were rejected, President Mugabe and Cabinet want to assure the civil servants, the farmers and the public at large that these proposed measures are not friendly operative. It is hoped that this clarification puts to rest anxieties that may have arisen within civil service, the farming community and the public at large,” said Mushowe.