Now threatened with violence, condemned by his own team and rejected by some Bosso section as the trash from the lower side of the Bulawayo community…

A die hard Highlanders supporter ‘Melusi’ is the man who caused internet storm when he smuggled a placard with insulting words directed against Shona speaking people during a league match between his team and Dynamos.

He carried a poster with words Mashona Zinja translated ‘Shona Dogs’

While a lot has been said on why and how this came to be, no-one has spoken to the man behind the message.

The story stated below will not be published due to threats of violence against the poster holder. Zimnews has been receiving a lot of aggressive and threatening message directed to the Highlanders fan.

We take security and safety of all people seriously, so we will not say anything more on the person behind the message.

Tomorrow, Thursady, will share with readers the views of ‘Melusi’ who does not consider himself  tribalist but a football lover doing what everyone does at Bosso-Dembare matches.

The man who claims to have some ‘Mashona blood’ in his veins has relatives and friends of Shona background and insists ‘football banter’ should be treated as such and nothing else.

I’m No Tribalist: Bosso ‘Zinja’ Man Opens Up.. tomorrow Thursady  on