Why did Mnangagwa wait forever to dismiss Mugabe Ice Cream poison story 

VP Emmerson Mnangagwa’s statement to try and clarify that he was not poisoned after eating ice cream from president Robert Mugabe , comes after more than 2 weeks after he was airlifted from Zimbabwe to South Africa for medicals under the claim that he had been poisoned.

The long wait by the vice president has resulted in cultural jokes being created such as: “the best way to kill a crocodile is to give it ice cream.” It is said that the president’s dairy products dropped in sales as a result.

Many of Mnagagwa’s Lacoste faction allies are already speculating that this could be a forced confession engineered by First Lady Grace Mugabe to restore confidence in her crumbling Gushungo Dairy business.

Some are also worried that this is a ‘get out of jail’ ticket for the now well known ‘Zanu PF chemical team’ responsible for administering deadly poisons to unwanted party cadres.

The restive supporters have warned that ‘if Mnangagwa will finally succumb to foul play,’ his killers will shield themselves from prosecution with this so called Mnangagwa confession.