Indigenisation Minister, Patrick Zhuwao has denied that he was sleeping with actress Anne Nhira.

He said such allegations make it difficult for women to approach government ministers to complain about issues that affect them.

 “As soon as the officials responded to her (Nhira), those that did not agree with her chose to say she’s Patrick Zhuwao’s side dish. Now, what does that mean for young ladies that need to approach the government? It means you cannot write to the minister and you cannot engage with a minister.

“And what’s most fascinating about it is that some of the voices are feminists or people claiming to be feminists. If you don’t agree with her position and her appeal, please disagree with her on the basis that you see things differently, but don’t label her as Patrick Zhuwao’s side chick. What you then do is you stop all young ladies from being able to interact with ministers,” said Minister Zhuwao.

Zhuwao said if Zodwa performs without knickers she will be arrested. He was speaking at the Joshua Nkomo Memorial Youth Symposium in Bulawayo yesterday. He said that organisers of the Carnival were free to involve Zodwa in their festivities but she must not violate the law by dancing pantieless and exposing her private parts.