‘very soon Mugabe would need hoists and wheel chairs’

Since President Robert Mugabe’s famous fall at Harare Airport people have been looking at his posture closely whenever he is climbing up or down stairs.

Here is another photo of president Robert Mugabe trying to climb a podium about 20 cm high.

The photo has already gone viral online as people wonder how and why, despite all these clear health and age challenges,  Zimbabweans and the ruling Zanu PF have allowed a very fragile 92-year-old as their presidential candidate for 2018 elections.

Hopes were high that Mugabe would appoint a successor ahead of the elections to save Zimbabwe from the economic doldrums which have rocked the nation since year 2000.

But indications are that the 92-year-old leader is not yet ready to leave office.

Many believe he is now targeting to retire when he is between 99 and 100 years when his second term expires, if he wins 2018 elections.

A party insider recently told zwnews.com on the sidelines of Masvingo 2016 Congress that ‘very soon Mugabe would need hoists and wheel chairs’ as his mobility and physical capabilities are rapidly deteriorating and getting compromised by advanced age and failing health.

Mugabe who was recently filmed struggling to lift a shovel when planting a small tree is also getting affected by poor eye sight. His voice is now very slow, weak and often inaudible.


Mugabe and his wife are due to travel overseas for extensive medical check ups and extended treatments.