Zimbabwe man Tapiwa Frurusa jailed for life over Zanele  Mahachi murder

Mahachi was stabbed 10 times by Furusa

UK: Zimbabwean man Tapiwa Douglas Furusa(37), also known as Tee Faz in social circles, has been given a life jail sentence over the murder of his girlfriend and business partner Zanele Liegh-Anne Mahachi(22) in Sherfield.

He will not be eligible for parole until after he serves 26 years in Jail.

In UK life imprisonment does not necessarily mean indefinite detention. Most people jailed for life usually spend about 20 years behind bars.

The Sheffield court was told gruesome details of events surrounding the murder;

Today’s sentencing happened after Furusa pleaded guilty for murdering Leigh Anne Mahachi at a hearing last month.

The two year relationship  between Mahachi and Fundira was described by Zanele’s mother as toxic. 

Things got bad after Zanele damped Furusa upon discovering that he was seeing other women in England.

He became obsessive and abusive including using frequent telephone calls to her and at times sometimes even using withheld numbers.

She tried to break away but Furusa was abusive and would not let her go.

A day before the murder he bought 2 knew new knives from a local ASDA supermarket.

At around 8.10am the deceased left home telling her mother she was leaving for work. She was attacked as she placed her belongings into her car outside. When the mother looked through the window of the house she had the unfortunate situation of witnessing Furusa stabbing Leanne in utter brutality zwnews.com

Furusa then drove away leaving his victim in a pool of blood and gasping for life.

He said the reason he killed her was that she was taunting him. Upon being arrested he referred to Leigh Ann as ‘my girlfriend’.

“She told me she stepped out with another man, what was I going to do”, Furusa told authorities.

In mitigating, Furusa’s defense pleaded for a lesser sentence arguing that their client acted in desperation.

The judge could not have none of iut and he slapped the Zimbabwean man with life in Jail.

Zanele Leigh-Anne Mahachi was buried in Masvingo a month after her killing.

She was daughter to a Masvingo based business tycoon.