Ending poverty has been a tough battle; many governments have made efforts, including Zimbabwean government of recent, through the ZimAsset economic blueprint and its clusters.

The new kid on the block under its armpit, Command Agriculture, has produced more tonnage than forecasted, a true picture of empowerment, however, negative outcomes have been born, after corruption at some of the country’s depots rip off the exact farmers that command agriculture brought up.

Analysts believe it’s a case of giving with right hand and taking back with the left.

Elder Mabhunu has this to say; “Our government is confused, it is being run by officials with corrupt tendencies to the extent that many of its programmes are destined for failure.

“They empowered the farmers through command agriculture and ripped off the benefits when farmers come to sell their produce.”

He added that the top leaders are not keen on fighting the ill.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation, and Irrigation Development Joseph Made confirmed to the upper house of parliament recently that corruption was indeed ripping farmers off. He promised to get to the bottom of the matter, adding that at some depots officials have been fired from work over it.

This came after some farmers were turned away with their produce at some GMB depots, whose officials cited that their maize contained unacceptable moisture content levels.

Farmers are being told that their maize has not reached 12.5% moisture level and 30 minutes later, they go and sell the maize to conmen who in turn resale the same maize to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB).

“The moisture content of 12.5% is acceptable.  We are aware as she has mentioned that there are certain depots where our workers examine the maize and tell the farmer that the maize has not reached the required 12.5% moisture content,” said Made.

Senator Keresencia Chabuka (MDC-T) had asked Made, as to what steps he is taking to redress corruption surrounding the delivery of maize, so that farmers benefit from the government programmes.

The government has been known of harbouring corrupt public officials at the expense of its own citizens, to the extent that most of its programmes benefit the same top guys who are supposed to be empowering the people. The GMB issue is just one such cases, of corruption going unchecked. Even President Robert Mugabe himself is on record of supporting his corrupt lieutenants.