TWO Chipinge men, who killed their half brother by pulling his privates after catching him being intimate with their mother in the bush, were jailed 15 years apiece by High Court Judge Charles Hungwe.

 Lloyd Mukukuzi (20) and Hardlife Chimoko Sithole (24) were convicted of murdering Siyahamba Mukukuzi (34). The pair were denying the charges.
 Mr Jonathan Chingwinyiso prosecuted.

In his defence, Mukukuzi told the court that he had been provoked and shocked to find his stepbrother being intimate with his mother in the bush. He said he acted uncontrollably and lashed the deceased with switches and a belt.

 Mukukuzi denied pulling the now deceased’s private parts. A post-mortem confirmed Siyahamba’s ge_nitals were pulled.

Sithole said he warned Mukukuzi against pulling Siyahamba’s private parts as it would lead to death.

In her testimony, the pair’s mother, Juliet Mukeketsi, denied ever being intimate with the deceased.

Mukeketsi said she would have chosen a better place instead of the bush.

She also said it was not taboo in their Ndau culture for a stepson to inherit his late father’s estate and wives.