President Robert Mugabe has bemoaned lack of morals among young people and youths, saying a lot of them are pleasure seekers and they do not do anything meaningful in life.

He said this while addressing a children’s independence party at the City Sports Centre in Harare today.

Mugabe who became a grandfather for the first time yesterday after his daughter Bona delivered a baby son indicated that he is fully aware of wild partying and drinking among the country’s youths.

“We have heard of wild parties that the youths are engaging in, where drugs are peddled and abused. The rate of promiscuity among youths is also alarming,” said President Mugabe.

Ironically the president’s sons who are also youths and young have been pictured partying, smoking and drinking at different times.

Chatunga Mugabe pictured has been in news for smoking and drinking while at school.

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