President Mugabe has expressed concern at the rate at which unruly Zanu-PF factions are abusing First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe.

He was speaking at Great Zimbabwe Monument in Masvingo yesterday at the 30th edition of the 21st February Movement celebrations, which marked his 92nd birthday.

It is the first time that Mugabe has openly thrown weight behind his wife Grace and the G40 faction that she leads.

Mugabe described those attacking his wife as detractors of unity and peace adding some unruly elements were being used to destabilise the party.

 Mugabe said attacking his wife was a reflection of flagrant disregard of his person as the president of the country. Addressing thousands of rain soaked delegates this afternoon, Mugabe defended party National Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere over the suspension of provincial chairpersons and ordered the disgruntled party members to stop the noise making.

“We hear a lot of misguided party members attacking my wife and that is very rude. These people do not respect us . We know there are some youths who are being given dagga to demonise their leaders and we will not accept that. We also hear some people attacking Kasukuwere over the suspension of party members. You have to know that Kasukuwere has the right to execute his duties without fear or favour because he is the man on the ground to defend the party,” said Mugabe.


“So we got to a level where we asked are the youth league seeing it or hearing it, but I was happy to hear Togarepi saying we will discipline such elements or expel them from the party because we do not want such people.

“We cannot lead such misguided youth, no. The youth have got to be well disciplined, well behaved and respectful,” he said.