A Harare man reportedly assaulted his former wife, demanding the $5 he paid as notification for lobola (tsvakirai kuno) after she dumped him. Gift Wadzingaira allegedly gave his ex-wife, Dorcus Mhike a thorough beating for terminating their relationship.

The Civil Court heard that he vowed not to stop until his in-laws refunded him the money he paid as notification for lobola.

Mhike, who was seeking a protection order against Wadzingaira, told Harare Civil court magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko that he also verbally abuses her using obscene words.

“We divorced but he is coming to my parents’ house demanding $5 he paid as tsvakirai kuno. He will assault me if they do not give him back the money,” she said.

“He never paid lobola but we co-habited for 12 years, until I divorced him for abusing me. Whenever he sees me in public he assaults me demanding his money and he also scolds me using vulgar words.

“I want him to be stopped from abusing me because he vowed not to stop until we gave him back his money. I also want him to stop coming to my parents’ house where I am staying because he causes havoc,” Mhike said.

Wadzingaira refuted the allegations.

He told the court that Mhike was taken by her parents following his failure to pay lobola.

“We did not divorce but her parents took her away from me saying I did not pay lobola,” Wadzingaira said.

“I have never abused my wife but she is being influenced by her parents.”

Mrs Mateko ordered Wadzingaira to stop assaulting Mhike and to keep peace with her at all times.