We are doomed as long as this old **** continue to control of the levers of power

Young Zimbabweans have not been impressed by the President’s performance when he presented his points in a 28 minute during the State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Here are some of the views from the people who did not like Robert  Mugabe’s  address at at Parliament yesterday, Tuesday, 6th December, 2016.

  • There are no tourists coming to Zimbabwe. Its just Zimbabweans who now hold passports from countries where they reside. A lot of Diasporans will be visiting Zimbabwe during the festive season and those are the tourists he is talking about. The hotel occupancy rate increase should have given him a hint that these are Zimbabweans. The marginal increases in the numbers of people coming to the country has not correlated with the hotel occupancy.


  • Very very thin on detail and strategy. Was the mdara forced to do this SONA when he obviously had better things to do instead?


  • The facts do not support this speech. Our Health and Education systems are run down, people are forced to contribute to ZanuPF’s annual conference, Freedom of speech is violently suppressed and corruption and theft thrive unpunished


  • Nonsense!!! Nxaa kana 1 chine musoro chawataura, you just repeated things that have already happened, no forecasts at all. Uri kutozviziva kuti you are leading the nation into doom ka?


  • I listened to the whole speech and seldom have I listened to such trash from a President of a republic. Just the voice tells you that the man is tired


  • We are doomed as long as this old **** continue to control of the levers of power. Its sad that the oldest *** in the world is not weary yet.


  • This is Sanyangore anointed sewage…. drink at your own risk.