Flamboyant gospel music crooner, Mudiwa Hood has stoked the flames on micro-blogging social networking site Twitter after he posted screenshots of an alleged conversation between himself and a woman he says he doesn’t have any knowledge of.

While frantically trying to distance himself from the viral chats, the cash-rich Zimbabwean singer said he has ‘never met’ the alleged date who took the screenshots ‘just to push a narrative’.

“This is sad,” Mudiwa tweeted.

 “You unsend messages jus to make me look desperate and then take screenshots just to push a narrative …who starts a convo with “how are you”, its a reply… Anyway I never met this person, fake pic isn’t her, but a pic taken from someone status and covered to lie,” wrote the glitzy entertainer.

The local gospel hip hop artist and social media personality has traditionally been known for washing dirty linen on the public fora and his collapsed relationship with estranged wife Angelica Colcheita-Hood is a perfect reminder.