Armed soldiers raid property of a man who said Emmerson is a cancer

Manicaland: Armed soldiers were on Thursday morning reportedly raiding former Mnangagwa tormentor and G40 strongman, Mubuso Chinguno’s farm.

The politician told Zim Eye he is being thrown out of his farm.The soldiers are “about 20” in number, he said.

Chinguno is the former Manicaland Provincial Chairperson of the Zanu PF Youth League and the farm in question is located in Chipinge West.

A comment from the army was not possible at the time of writing.


Why ED’s Government is after Mubuso Chinguno?

Chinguno is a G40 linked activist who hails from Manicaland. He reportedly fled to Lesotho immediately after the fall of former president Robert Mugabe.

While declaring his support for Grace Mugabe to takeover power he said that ” ED Mnangagwa is a dangerous cancer eating the revolutionary party away”.

He stood out after he further humiliated Mnangagwa saying he needed to be dropped from the presidium to make way for Grace Mugabe.

“Unfortunately we have been dealing with the side effects of the root cause of factionalism which is Emmerson,..The only way forward is to remove him . He is a cancer. We have fired a lot of people since 2014 because of this man. So let us deal with Emmerson at the coming congress,” he said.

In October 2017 he  said “President Mugabe is our life candidate. We have no problem with him dying in office”

More details follow..

ZwNews,   Zim Eye