The NPF party leader Ambrose Mutinhiri has not at all resigned, the party has responded to fake news doing rounds on social media.

NPF Statement on upsurge of fake news about the party and its President Harare-25 April 2018,

The National Patriotic Front (NPF) wishes to advise the media and members of the public about the sudden upturn in fake news articles generated in the name of, and about NPF and its leadership. Our President, not Brig Gen Ambrose Mutinhiri has not resigned and is not under any pressure to quit. NPF is phenomenally growing and is engaging supporters on the need to end military rule and return the country to civilian governance. Our pro-people policies on land reform, indigenization and economic empowerment of the black populace are endearing as to the electorate.

Our people are aware of the destabilising effects of the November 15 2017 coup and have seen, in NPF, the only viable political organisation to return the country to constitutionalism. The people have refused the political and economic apostasy of the regime which is rooted in the reversal of the gains we had made through the land reform, resource value addition and beneficiation. The regime is aware NPF has endeared itself to the electorate hence the desperate disinformation moves.
We understand the desperation within the military junta in light of the massive recruitment campaigns our party has been engaged in these past two months, hence the futile attempts at disinformation through fake news.

We, however, urge the media, and our supporters, to note the distinctive features of our official communication.


The fake resignation note circulating now..