Harare man injured by Avenues thigh vendor after falling from third floor

Yesterday a Harare elderly man nearly died after being pushed from a third floor building by a combative Avenues thigh vendor identified as Abigail Chingwaru(28).

The victim has been named as Passmore Marufu.

According to sources, Abigail committed the heinous act after Marufu failed to pay an extra $2 for the morning bedroom service he had received.

“We heard a scuffle at around 6am and later the noise faded and we thought that mdara has died because these ladies are merciless and many men are being extorted daily,” said one of the residents.

Abigail is notorious for robbing her clients.

“Whoever enters her bedroom will either leave penniless or bleeding and she wins her cases all the time,” said one of the self-confessed hookers who plies her trade along Third Street.

In her defence, Abigail claims Marufu wanted to end his life after he failed to raise $2 for the morning session he had received.

Abigail popularly known by her trade name Doshto has since been arrested and is currently detained at Harare Central Police.


Yesterday we reported:

A short time session before work backfired for an elderly man in the Avenues-Harare today after he was thrown out from a third storey window by a se_x worker after he allegedly offered to pay measly $2.

An eye witness heard a loud thud and saw an elderly man on the first floor balcony crying for help. Paramedics were called in and had to use a ladder to get to the patient as the fall had immobilized him and he was unable to move.

“The man came,parked his car and entered the building, a few minutes later we heard a loud crashing sound and saw the man now on the first floor balcony screaming for help.

“We called an ambulance and they had to use a ladder to get to the man and there was no access to the first floor balcony,” said a witness who spoke to this publication.

The unidentified client was seen earlier  on parking his Isizu car outside the flats before rushing upstairs for early morning session with a veteran Avenues hooker.

The assailant was later seen complaining about the $2 insult moments before police apprehended her  just in time before a mob could  take matters into their own hands.



The assailant walks away from the scene before police arrested her


A large crowd had gathered to witness the fracas