Fungayi Moyana

In a horrific incident that sent shock waves around Chivi District, a wicked  woman is alleged to have went out of control and propelled a fire burning log onto her ‘own flesh and blood’, as she callously burn their soft lips after accusing them for stealing sweet reed from her field.

It is reported that Primrose Shoko (31) under headman Madyangove last week went to the fields to harvest some maize and what she saw at the field made her furious.

The sweet reed in her field were stolen and they were little foot prints left in this ‘trail of destruction ’, she suspected no other person than her two sons, in a fit of rage she stormed back to the house.

Upon reaching back home she found her two sons already back from school and started interrogating them but reed theft but  they all denied the allegations of stealing the sweet crop, and in a burst of anger she swiftly jumped to the fireplace and pulled out a red hot burning.

She then grabbed her 5 year old son by the head and  shoved the burning log into his upper lip and lower lip.

Upon realizing this hellish incident, the older 7 year old son tried to flee but was caught by his mother at the door who dragged him back to the kitchen where she repeated the same act where she repeated the same heinous act.

The next day the ailing boys went to school with bloody swollen lips and upon arrival their teachers were shocked and went straight to report the matter to the police.

Mhiti was charged with domestic violence and pleaded guilty as the complainants were medically examined and the medical reports were produced as evidence in court.

The accused was sentenced to 14 months in prison.